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Human Pixles


Simply WOW. Has to be seen to be believed.

Amazing Armless Woman


Having no arms doesn’t deterr this woman from living a full life. Truely inspiring and some of the stuff she can do is just incredible.

Face Your Pockets


Bizarre mass art project that strangely i’ve

become quite addicted to. I think it must

be the voyeuristic nature of it.

Boss Donates Kidney

MORGANTON, N.C. — When doctors told Lisa White she needed a kidney transplant to stay alive, she never expected her boss to sign up as a donor. Link

Images that changed the world


Enough said.

Muhammad Ali


Arguably the best boxer in the world, and he doesn’t take a half bad photo either. The life of Ali in pictures.

Design that makes a difference


Designing for the other 90%. Im sure that this device first surface a few years ago but it is no doubt it is saving thousands of peoples lives. This is design at its best.